| 18 Jul 2024
We understand music consumption habits of the user base in India, says Gaana CEO Prashan Agarwal while revealing that the app garnered 80 million users in 2018

MUMBAI: With the year 2018 bidding bye, everyone is gladly awaiting New Year 2019. But, before we go ahead, it’s time to look back and reminiscence, what 2018 had in store for everyone. When it comes to India’s most popular online music streaming app,, CEO Prashan Agarwal tells success story of the app in 2018, which everyone must hear.

Speaking about how 2018 was for Gaana, Prashan Agarwal exclaimed,It was a fabulous year for We have grown now to 80 million users, who are streaming about 2.2-2.3 billion streams a month and we are just very happy that we have been able to 100 per cent yield on both free tier as well as subscription. And for regionals, again, we are more than 100 per cent in all the languages, be it Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, you name it and we are there. The entire India is rolling the app, so we are happy.”

On being asked about the performance of the app in financial report, he added, “We do not reveal financial results on the first day to the market, but the app has been growing both not in just terms of the users but also in terms of revenue year-over-year. We have seen a lot of traction on the kind of new inventories we have launched. The inventory called audio ads – the banner and the pure audio ads and these two beats that we have created are taken up by the advertisers in the market.”

Lastly, Agarwal proudly told that the team at Gaana understands the musical taste of Indians. He said, “We think, we understand the music consumption habits of the user base in India much more in terms of having the database of users for the last six-seven years as well as the understanding of their listening habits and coupled that with our curation, which is very powerful in terms of just the way, we understand Indian music and its various parts. Those two things when we combine, we get a very potent product, which appeals to the Indian users and this is the secret solve that also goes into our recommendation and machine learning platform, which continues to surprise us with the kind of results that we are producing.”

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