| 28 Nov 2023
RAM Wk 9: Fever is No. 1 in Delhi, plummets in Kolkata; Mirchi regains top spot in Mumbai, builds in Kolkata

*Fever takes 4.1% lead over Mirchi, leads  sat 23.8% in Delhi, but loses a solid 4.4% in Bangalore, is No. 4

*Radio City loses 1.8% in Mumbai, drops to #3; Red FM gains 1.3%; is Mumbai No. 2 behind Mirchi with 16.3%

MUMBAI: Week 9 brought mixed tidings for Fever 104 FM, which raced ahead of Radio Mirchi in Delhi to become the clear market leader with a market share of 23.8% -- full 4.1% ahead of the erstwhile Delhi leader which continued to lose market share – 1.7% in Week 9 after having lost 2.2% in Week 8 – and closed the week at 19.7%. However, in Bangalore, Fever Fm suffered a massive setback when it lost lost 4.4% market share there to plummet to the  Number Four position.

However, Radio Mirchi regained the top spot in Mumbai when it added 1.6% to its market share, even as Week 8's leader Radio City lost a considerable 1.8% market share to close the week at Number 3 while Red FM gained 1.3% market share to become the Number Two in Mumbai, behind Radio Mirchi's market leading share of 16.3% by 2.6% market share.

In Kolkata, too, Radio Mirchi gained 1.8% market share to race further ahead of the Number Two-placed BIG FM. Compared to BIG FM's 16.7% to its 20.1% in Week 8, Mirchi closed Week 9 at 21.9% to BIG FM's 16.5% market share. Another big gainer in Kolkata in Week 9 was Friends FM, which gained 1% market share to close at 13.6% -- as the Market Number 3. Those who lost in Kolkata in Week 9 were Fever (-1%), Oye (-0.9%) and Aamar (-0.7%).

In Delhi, where Fever has become a strong Number One, AIR FM-2 Gold, which had closed Week 8 at 17% market share to Mirchi's 21.4%, closed Week 9 at 18% to take the Number 3 position behind Mirchi at 19.7%  market share.

In Bangalore, BIG FM, which was neck to neck with Mirchi last week – in fact, just 0.1% ahead of it -- is now 0.6% ahead of Mirchi with a market leading share of 17.3%. The biggest gainers in Bangalore in Week 9 were AIR FM1-Rainbow (2.3%) and S FM/Red FM (1.6%).

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