| 27 Nov 2021
Radio Mirchi tops all four metros

MUMBAI: After weeks of battling out, Radio Mirchi finally wore the numero uno crown in all the four metros in week 32 pushing its competitors way back. Due to Big FM's poor performance in Bangalore, Mirchi managed to inch forward. Week 32 proved to be not so good for Big FM which lost it top position in Bangalore as well as saw a poor performance in Kolkata and Delhi. Mumbai proved to be the only silver lining in its otherwise poor show.

Apart from Bangalore, Mumbai also saw an eventful week where Radio City out did Red FM to score the second spot. Fever FM managed a steady growth in all the metros where as Radio One which performed considerably well in the past few weeks with all its new properties, saw a downfall in the four metros. Meow was the wild card entry this week, as surprisingly out of no where the station managed to come in action and climb the charts.

Bangalore - Week 32 saw a turn around of events for the city Bangalore. Leader Big FM received a major set back as it lost a staggering 2.7 points also had to wave off its coveted numero uno position to Radio Mirchi. It could manage to cling on to a mere 16.7 per cent. Though Mirchi lost 0.1 points in the city it grabbed a market share of 17.4 per cent and became the leader in the city and hence in all the four metros. At third spot Fever gained 0.1 points to shave off 15.3 per cent of the market share. Both Radio City and AIR FM Rainbow also added 0.2 points to its kitty cornering 12.8 and 9.2 per cent from the total pie respectively. After a good run for couple of weeks Radio One saw a dip in its listenership. The station lost 0.2 points to corner a market share of 8.5 per cent. Coming close next was Red FM at grabbing 8.2 per cent of the market share even though it lost 0.1 points.

It will be interesting to see the battle for the top position in the coming weeks.

Delhi - Leader Mirchi saw a considerable dip in numbers at a lost a whopping 0.7 points though it managed to consolidate its top position at 24.2 per cent. Fever at second spot inched forward as it gained 0.2 points and took away a market share of 18.8 per cent. AIR FM Gold also surged forward and gained 0.2 points. Red FM managed to up its ante in week 32 as it added 0.3 points to its haul and cornered a market share of 9.8 per cent. After performing well last week, Radio City saw a dip in numbers as it lost 0.4 points to hold on to a share of 8.4 per cent. After Bangalore, Big FM slipped in the capital as well. It lost a hefty 0.6 points to take home a share of 7.2 per cent. Radio One's dream run also seem to be put at halt as it lost 0.4 points in the city. After weeks of dismissal performance, it was a pleasant surprise for Meow FM as it climbed up the charts to gain an impressive 0.6 points.

Kolkata - Mirchi maintained its numero uno position in the city. It saw a surge in its listenership as it added 0.3 points to its kitty and pocketed a share of 20.7 per cent leaving its competitors at bay. Big FM's debacle continued in Kolkata as well. The station lost 0.3 points in week 32 to hold on to a share of 17.3 per cent. Friends FM at third spot also lost 0.2 points while its next rival Aamar FM gained 0.1 points. Fever FM maintained no loss no gain week at 8.6 per cent followed by Red FM which lost 0.2 points to take a share of 8.3 per cent. Radio One also lost 0.3 points. Week 32 turned good for Meow as it climbed up the charts as gained 0.2 points to take away a share of 5.4 points.

Mumbai - Leader Mirchi surged forward in the city as it gained a massive 0.6 points to scoop a share of 17.7 per cent from the total pie. The battle for second spot got heated up as Red FM lost the second spot to Radio City. Red lost 0.3 points in week 32 to make way for City which gained 0.1 points and earned a market share of 13.7 per cent. The increasing numbers in Mumbai proved to the only silver lining for Big FM. The station slide forward with a gain of 0.5 points and capturing 11.7 per cent of the share. Fever followed next, as it gained 0.1 points and a market share of 11.2 per cent. AIR FM Gold lost a considerable 0.6 points in the city slipping considerably in its position. Radio One also lost a humongous 0.5 points holding on to a share of 6.5 per cent.

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