| 01 Aug 2021
Mirchi, Radio One gain in metros

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi bounced back in week 30 as it saw added massive numbers to its listenership. It gained considerable strides in all the four metros. Last week's star performer Radio One also continued to climb its way up with swelling listenership base. The station scooped off large points in all the metros.

Bangalore- After a good run last week, leader Big FM saw a loss of 0.3 points in week 30, taking a share of 19.6 per cent  Radio Mirchi took a giant leap this week as it gained massive 0.6 points to get closer to the number one spot. It cornered a market share of 17.9 per cent. Both Fever and Radio City added 0.1 points to their kitty shaving off 15.3 and 12.4 per cent of the share respectively. AIR FM Rainbow added jumped ahead with 0.2 points. Last week's gainer Radio One continued its good streak as it gained 0.1 points to take home a share of 9 per cent. Red FM saw a huge dip in numbers as it saw a loss of 0.6 points to hold on to a share of 8.2 per cent.

Delhi- After a poor performance last week, Mirchi regained its momentum as it pocketed 0.5 points to maintain lead at 25 per cent. After last week's hiccup, Fever also managed to pull up its socks and gained 0.2 points to take away 18.7 per cent. AIR FM Gold also added 0.1 points to its kitty. Last week's gainer Red FM did not sustain its good run as it lost a considerable 0.4 points to take a share of 9.4 per cent followed by Radio City and Big FM both of which lost 0.4 and 0.1 points respectively. Radio One managed to shine as it added 0.3 points to its haul.

Kolkata- Radio Mirchi saw a massive surge in its listenership as it added 0.5 points in week 30. It ate away a considerable 20.9 per keeping its competitors at bay. Big FM lost 0.1 points to take home a share of 17.6 per cent. Both Friends FM and Aamar FM saw a dip in listenership as it lost 0.6 points and 0.1 points respectively. At 8.4 per cent Fever maintained a no loss no gain week. Red FM saw drop in numbers in week 30 as well. It lost a humongous 0.6 points to be content with a share 8.2 per cent. Radio One's several new properties are adding numbers for the station. It inched forward to gain 0.6 points scooping a market share of 6.1 points followed by Meow FM which lost 0.4 points.

Mumbai- Radio Mirchi roared back in week 30 to gain 0.3 points maintaining its numero uno position at 17.4 per cent. Red FM coming next, saw dip in numbers losing 0.4 points and taking home a market share of 13.8 per cent. Radio City fared well in the city as it added 0.4 points. Both Big FM and Fever shed off 0.2 points each, and took a share of 11.5 and 11.1 per cent  AIR FM Gold also lost a major 0.5 points. Radio One consolidated its position in the city as it added 0.4 points cornering 6.9 per cent market share 

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