| 22 Sep 2023
Fever gains in B'lore, Delhi and Kolkata

MUMBAI: Week 34 was a mixed bag for radio players in all the regions as it surged ahead in few cities where as lost out in others. Fever climbed ahead in Bangalore, Delhi and Kolkata though lost a few strides in Mumbai. Red FM notched several points in Bangalore and Delhi while lost few in Kolkata and maintained status quo in Mumbai. Similarly, Radio City surged ahead in Delhi and Mumbai while lost in Bangalore.

Bangalore - Leader Big inches forward in the city as it gained 0.1 points to grab a market share of 19.4 per cent. Rival station Mirchi also notched 0.2 points to surge ahead and cornered a market share of 17.7 per cent. At third spot Fever climbed up the charts, gaining 0.3 points and taking a market share of 15.5 per cent. Radio City lost 0.2 points in week 34 to take home a share of 12.6 per cent followed by AIR FM Rainbow which gained 0.3 points. Red FM was the surprise element in week 34 as it gained an impressive 0.7 points to push back Radio One. At 8.8 per cent of the share, it was marginally ahead of Radio One which gained 0.1 points and snapped a share of 8.7 per cent. The tailenders in the city saw a huge dip in numbers.

Delhi - Leader Mirchi maintained its numero uno position and added another 0.2 points to its kitty shaving off 24.6 per cent off the market share widening the gap with its competitors. Fever also added numbers to its growing listenership. The station gained 0.1 points to corner a share of 18.8 per cent. AIR FM Gold maintained status quo at 17.8 per cent. Red FM at fourth spot lapped up 0.2 points eating a market share of 9.8 per cent followed by Radio City which gained considerable strides with 0.4 points and eating away 8.8 per cent from the pie. After a good performance last week, Big FM slipped in week 34, losing a hefty 0.5 points with a market share of 7.2. Radio One climbed up the charts to gain 0.2 points and walk away with a share of 5.8 per cent.

Kolkata - Mirchi saw a considerable drop in the city of Kolkata as it lost a major 0.5 points. Though it maintained its top position with 20.3 per cent. Both Big and Friends FM advanced forward with a gain of 0.1 points each and a market share of 17.3 and 11.4 per cent respectively. Aamar FM at fourth position lost 0.2 points. The fifth spot was shared between Red and Fever both of which sat at 8.6 per cent of the market share though Red lost 0.1 points while Fever gained the same amount. Radio One also marched forward to gain 0.2 points and scoop away a share of 6.3 per cent.

Mumbai - Mirchi slipped few points in Mumbai for second consecutive week. It lost 0.2 points but maintained lead at 17.4 per cent. The battle for second spot was won by Red FM in week 34. It managed to hang on to the second spot at 13.6 per cent even after a no loss no gain week. At close third Radio City collected 0.3 points and a share of 13.4 per cent. Big FM also gathered pace to gain 0.3 points and a snatch a share of 11.8. AIR FM Gold added 0.2 points. Fever saw a loss of 0.1 points. Radio One also lost 0.1 points and held on to a market share of 6.4 per cent.

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