| 30 Nov 2023
Big FM shows 'Big Coffee' and 'Suhana Safar' top in Bengaluru and Delhi respectively

MUMBAI:  Big FM is leading with an average share across four cities- Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and Kolkata, with 16.9, 12.7, 16.8 and 21.4 per cent market shares respectively. According to RAM reports, the second station that is doing well in all the four metros is Radio Mirchi, which is ruling in Kolkata with 21 per cent market share.

The show 'Suhana Safar with Anu Kapoor' and 'Kal Bhi Aaj Bhi - RJ Gaurav' is leading in Mumbai with TARP of 3.2 per cent in the '12+ years' category. But in the '25+ years' category, Radio City is 0.2 per cent lower than Big FM. In Mumbai, Radio City leads the table with 19.3 per cent market share, followed by Big FM, Radio Mirchi, Fever FM and AIR FM2-Gold with 16.9, 14.7, 12.7 and 11.6 market shares, respectively.

Other shows that are doing well include the 'Breakfast Show - RJ Siddharth', 'Hi Mumbai with Jeeturaj', 'Kasa Kai Mumbai - RJ Archana and RJ Salil' and 'Love Guru' amongst the others. 'Good Morning Mumbai' - RJ Malishka's show is tenth on the table with 1.6 per cent TARP.

Fever FM is ruling in Delhi with a market share of 19.6 per cent with a TSL of 5.26 and TARP of 1.5 per cent. Public broadcaster AIR FM2-Gold holds the second position on the table with 16.2 per cent market share and TSL of 5.24. Meanwhile, Big FM, Radio City and Radio Mirchi are in third, fourth and fifth positions respectively, in the capital city. Fever's shows like 'Evening Drive-Nitin', 'Full on Punjabi - RJ Avinash' and 'Dilli ke Do Dabang-Manu and Abhilash' are in the top three positions on the top radio shows table. In fourth position is Big FM's 'Suhana Safar with Anu Kapoor', followed by 'Dilli Meri Jaan - RJ Deepak', while RJ Sayema's 'Purani Jeans' holds the tenth spot on the top ten list.

In Kolkata, Radio Mirchi is leading with a market share of 21 per cent with Big FM in second place with the highest TSL. Other stations in the top five are Oye FM, Aamar FM and Radio One with 11.1, 9.7 and 9.2 per cent respectively. Radio Mirchi's show 'Kaali Kotha - RJ Jaganath' and 'Breakfast Show - RJ Mir' are the top two shows in Kolkata, followed by Big FM's 'Breakfast Show - RJ Khas Koushik' and Radio Mirchi's 'Coffe House Classic - RJ Riya'.

Bengaluru is dominated by Radio City, with market share of 24.9 per cent, followed by Big FM, Radio Mirchi, Fever FM and Vividh Bharati. However, Big FM's show- 'Big Coffee - RJ Shruti' tops the list of top ten shows in the city. Following it is Radio City's 'City Mathu - RJ Rachna', Radio Mirchi's 'Hi Bengaluru - RJ Smitha' and two more shows by Radio City- 'Love Guru' and 'Shubhodhaya'.