| 29 Mar 2023
Big FM rules the airwaves with highest average share across the metros of Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata And Mumbai

MUMBAI: Big FM rules the airwaves with highest average share across the 4 Metros in 2014 (Jan-Nov 2014), fortifying its position as the leader in the market amongst core TG. According to the RAM reports, Big FM has consistently been on the top of its game with a 16.5 per cent average share across four key metros - Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata and Mumbai, over the second placed player who stood at 15.8 per cent(RAM- Avg Share per cent 4 metros, Week 1-Week 45 for Bengaluru, Delhi and Kolkata and Mumbai 2014, All 25+ AB MF, all day long). Big FM is the undisputed leader with highest average share  per cent  in the four metros in the core TG of 25+ Male and Female SEC A and B at a time band of Monday to Sunday 12am to 12pm. In addition to commanding a leadership position in key metros, the station also enjoys leadership in more than 30 cities which has enabled it to be the most sought after radio network across the country.

Big FM has over the years established leadership position in the FM space through distinctive content and programming, active promotions, celebrity RJs, great music and brand innovations. Specializing in evergreen classics, the station displays a penchant for sweeping melodies and enticing build-ups, making it a preferred music destination.

According to RAM reports

·In Jan-Nov 2014, the radio station strengthened its share to 16.5 per cent compared to 15.8 per cent of the next player in TG of 25+ MF AB

·The network has been consistently No.1 in Avg share% of 4 metros Bengaluru, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai week on week in the core TG of 25+ AB, giving brands the advantage to reach out to maximum decision makers across key markets

·The TG of 25+ AB has the propensity to buy and form majority consumer base for key categories like FMCG, Automobile, Electronics, BFSI etc.

Average share in percentage:

Big FM = 16.5

Radio Mirchi = 15.8

Fever FM = 12.2

Red FM =7.6

Highlights of Big FM

·On the back of turning its format to retro, 92.7 BIF FM network has showcased highest growth and success

·Big FM has been consistently scoring significantly higher than the rest in terms of variety of programs, humor factor, fewer ad breaks and for being easily accessible

·Big FM also performs better than competitors on parameters like contests, listener interaction, health and utilities

·Yearly brand CSR campaigns like Big Green Ganesha, Kudiyan di Lohri, Daryadili, Big Green Durga have further strengthened the station’s position

·In Kolkata, 92.7 BIG FM has maintained the position of number one radio station and recorded an overall TSL of 5.14 hrs (Week 45,2014) thereby creating a testament to the clutter-breaking retro content and award-winning programmes. Iconic and award-winning shows like Se Sudhu Gaaner Din with Sabyasachi Chakroborty and Suhaana Safar with Annu Kapoor dominate time-slots thereby fortifying the popular radio network’s top spot

·Riding on its retro formula, the breakfast show with RJ Siddharth is the number one show in its time band. Hosted by Annu Kapoor, Suhaana Safar has grown the listener base for the radio listenership by introducing new audiences to the category. Story teller Neelesh Misra’s widely successful radio show in the late night slot, Yaadon ka Idiot Box is already in its successful fourth season.

Speaking on the achievement,  Big FM business head Ashwin Padmanabhan said, "We are very proud of the brand that we have built. We didn’t want to be one of the pack and backed by research and consumer insights we have built a lineup of big shows with credible hosts that has propelled us to the leadership. Further with our unique and distinct positioning we reach out to the key decision makers line no other network. We look forward to entertaining audiences across India and continuing to offer marketers the best ROI for their campaigns."