| 30 Nov 2023
Big FM climbs in Mumbai, positions cemented in other metros

MUMBAI: The RAM data showed minor changes in three metros of Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata in Week 40 but stations shuffled their positions in Mumbai.

Bangalore: The RAM stats for week 40 remains unchanged with all the positions held by the stations freezed from last week. Still occupying the first place, Big FM gained 0.5 points occupying a market share of 20 per cent this week. With a gain of 0.4 points, Radio Mirchi inched close occupying the second position. Fever lost 1.2 points, with a market share of 15 per cent contrary to the 17 per cent last week. With a loss of 0.7 points, Radio City followed on the fourth place. Radio One, SFM, Radio Indigo continued to occupy their same positions as last week.

Delhi: Radio Mirchi with a gain of 0.9 points continues to lead listenership at the capital. Fever suffered a loss of 0.7 points and its market share slipped from 20 last week to 19 this week. AIR still occupied the third position ahead of many commercial FM stations. Red FM maintained its market share of 9 per cent with a gain of 0.2 points. Radio City, Big FM, Radio One, Hit FM, Meow FM took their earlier position with a loss of 0.8, 0.4, 0.1, 0.1, 0.2 points respectively.

Kolkata: Radio stations in Kolkata in week 40 cemented their positions as last week, with Radio Mirchi leading the bandwagon. Big FM lost 1.4 points and market share of 17 per cent as opposed to 19 last week. The two stations playing regional music- Friends FM and Aamar FM continued to stay third and fourth with a loss of 1.3 and 0.7 points respectively. Red FM was the fifth station with a gain of 0.5 points.

Mumbai: Radio Mirchi continues to lead in Mumbai but with a loss of 0.1 points but maintains the market share of 19 per cent. Red FM with a gain of 1.5 points took the second position. Big FM inched up occupying the third position from sixth last week with a gain of 0.9 points. Radio City slipped from its third position last week to forth with a loss of 0.3 points. Fever followed next with a gain of 0.1 points.

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