| 18 Jun 2024
AIR FM sneaks ahead of Red FM in Mumbai

MUMBAI: The commentary of the first test match between India and Sri Lanka (which gave some nail biting moments to the Indians) probably helped push up All India Radio FM Gold's listenership share in week 47, but only in Mumbai. Gold thus sneaked past Red FM for the first time, staking claim to number two position in the metropolis. Elsewhere, as in Mumbai, Radio Mirchi kept up its lead, while Big FM held to numero uno position in Bangalore.

Bangalore: Big FM slipped 0.1 points to end the week with a share of 19 per cent of the market, while Mirchi inched up 0.3 points to end with a share of 17.8 per cent. Fever at number three continued to dogged climb up 0.4 points to end with a share of 15.4 per cent. Despite losing 0.4 points, Radio City maintained fourth place with a share of 12.7 per cent, staying ahead of AIR FM Rainbow, which took home a share of 10.3 per cent.

Delhi: In the capital, Mirchi was the only one among the top five to recod a gain - of 0.3 points - as it took a share of 24.7 per cent. Fever stayed at second position, continuing with its share of 18.9 per cent, while AIR FM Gold came up close behind with a share of 16.9 per cent, despite having lost 0.2 points. Red FM was a distant fourth with a share of 9.1 per cent, with Radio City coming up behind it with a share of 7.5 per cent. Radio One and Big FM fought it out closely with shares of 6.7 and 6.5 per cent respectively.

Kolkata: Mirchi lead slipped 0.5 percentage points to end the week with a share of 20 per cent, while Big FM upped 1.3 points to end the week with a share of 17.2 per cent. Friends FM came in third with a share of 13.4 per cent, having slipped 0.6 points, while Aamar FM took a share of 10.4 per cent of the market, having gained 0.1 points. Red FM and Fever battled it out close with shares of 7.9 and 7.6 percentage points respectively.

Mumbai: While Mirchi maintained its lead with a share of 17.7 per cent, having gained 0.2 points, AIR FM Gold surged ahead 0.9 percentage points to end a whisker ahead of Red FM. Gold had a share of 13.9 per cent, while Red took a share of 13.8 per cent. Radio City came in fourth with a share of 12.5 per cent, a loss of 1.3 points, while Big FM was fifth with a share of 11.9 per cent, a gain of 0.2 points.

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