| 22 Sep 2023
Week 25: Radio Mirchi and Radio City witness progress in Delhi

MUMBAI:  As per Week 25, Radio City, BIG FM, Radio Mirchi and RED FM have witnessed changes in their positions in Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

In Mumbai, the first two positions are consistently held by Fever FM and Radio Mirchi. As compared to Week 24, the third, fourth and fifth positions have changed and taken by Radio City, BIG FM and RED FM respectively.

Radio City’s share per cent in the latest week is 12.8 and T.S.L 5.05. BIG FM, which stands at the fourth position, has share per cent 11.9 and T.S.L 4.59 while RED FM’s share per cent is 11 and T.S.L is 4.15.

In Delhi, the second and the third position is taken by Radio Mirchi and Radio City respectively. The stations have shown progress by increasing the share per cent and T.S.L in Week 25. 

In Week 24, Radio City was on the second position, in Delhi, with share per cent, 12.5 and T.S.L 3.46. The third position was taken by Radio Mirchi with share per cent 12.3 and T.S.L 3.14. However, in Week 25, the share per cent of Radio Mirchi and Radio City, in Delhi, is 12.7 each, while the T.S.L is 3.18 and 3.59 respectively.

Last but not the least is Kolkata. RED FM and Aamar FM swapped positions and are currently standing at fourth and fifth positions respectively. RED FM’s share per cent is 10 and T.S.L is 3.34 while Aamar FM’s share per cent is 9.3 and T.S.L 3.55.