| 18 Jul 2024
RAM: Radio Mirchi and BIG FM battle it out for the first position in Kolkata

MUMBAI: RAM ratings in week 13, 14 and 15 have shown some position changes but nothing in major. Whereas in Kolkata some interesting changes were seen for the first position amongst Radio Mirchi and BIG FM. We get you the highlights from RAM week 13, 14 and 15.

In Mumbai, BIG FM and Radio City swapped that held the third and fourth position respectively, swapped in week 14 but were constant in week 15. In week 13 the T.S.L is 5.21 and share per cent is 13.3 of BIG FM while T.S.L for Radio City was 5.09 and share per cent is 13.

In Kolkata, something interesting was witnessed over the past three weeks. Radio Mirchi held the first position in Week 13 and 14 while it was taken over by BIG FM in Week 15. The T.S.L for BIG FM is 5.5 and share per cent 20.7.

Talking about the capital of India, it showed some minor moves. Radio Mirchi and Radio City held the second and third position respectively for two weeks. While in week 15, they swapped the positions. In week 15 Radio City’s share per cent is 12.7 and T.S.L is 3.55 and for Radio Mirchi the share per cent is 11.9 and T.S.L 3.16.

Last but not the least comes Bengaluru. It has no major changes in the positions. Only for the fifth position, AIR tried to maintain its stake for a week but was again taken over by RED FM in Week 15. RED FM’s T.S.L is 3.59 and share per cent is 6.

Check the charts here for week 15 -

ankStationsShare %T.S.L.
1Fever FM 104 Mumbai15.56.15
2Radio Mirchi 98.3 Mumbai14.34.16
3Radio City 91.1 Mumbai13.35.02
4Big FM 92.7 Mumbai12.95
5Red FM 93.5 Mumbai10.33.43
6Radio Nasha 91.9 Mumbai8.95.11
7AIR FM2-Gold 100.7 Mumbai7.65.16
8REDTRO 106.4 Mumbai4.15.4
9Radio One 94.3 Mumbai3.52.44
10AIR FM1-Rainbow 107.1 Mumbai33.31
RankStationsShare %T.S.L.
1Big FM 92.7 Kolkata20.75.5
2Radio Mirchi 98.3 Kolkata19.24.24
3Fever FM 104 Kolkata17.35.54
4Aamar FM 106.2 Kolkata9.43.58
5Red FM 93.5 Kolkata9.33.07
6Friends FM 91.9 Kolkata5.52.55
7Ishq FM 104.8 Kolkata4.93.11
8Radio One 94.3 Kolkata4.74.16
9AIR FM2-Gold 100.2 Kolkata4.13.2
10AIR FM1-Rainbow 107 Kolkata2.22.57
RankStationsShare %T.S.L.
1Fever FM 104 Delhi19.45.07
2Radio City 91.1 Delhi12.73.55
3Radio Mirchi 98.3 Delhi11.93.16
4Radio Nasha 107.2 Delhi11.73.59
5AIR FM2-Gold 106.4 Delhi10.74.17
6Red FM 93.5 Delhi9.73.02
7Big FM 92.7 Delhi8.53.17
8Ishq FM 104.8 Delhi3.92.13
9Hit 95 FM Delhi3.82.41
10AIR FM1-Rainbow 102.6 Delhi3.61.58
RankStationsShare %T.S.L.
1Radio City 91.1 Bangalore2610.26
2Big FM 92.7 Bangalore17.87.22
3Radio Mirchi 98.3 Bangalore16.87.21
4Fever FM 104 Bangalore13.87.35
5Red FM 93.5 Bangalore63.59
6AIR FM1-Rainbow 101.3 Bangalore5.95.35
7AIR FM1-Vividh Bharati Bangalore4.95.02
8Radio One 94.3 Bangalore4.23.57
9Radio Indigo 91.9 Bangalore1.73.02
10Radio Mirchi 95 Bangalore1.53.2