| 29 Nov 2023
RAM week 14: Big FM tops in Mumbai; closes gap to top in Kolkata

MUMBAI: After facing a setback last week in Mumbai, Big FM’s recovery returned to normalcy with 0.4 per cent rise in share, thus ending Week 14 with 18.8 per cent share and T.S.L. of 6.38, ensuring the top position. At second position, Radio City went the opposite direction with the latest week’s share dropping to 16.5 per cent. However T.S.L. rose to 5.22. Fever FM retained the third position despite the drop in shares, as the latest week’s figure of 14 per cent shares and T.S.L. of 7 puts the station comfortably above Radio Mirchi. Radio Mirchi missed the top three by 0.5 per cent (13.5 per cent shares/ T.S.L. – 4.17), and Red FM (11.3 per cent shares/ T.S.L.- 4.09) followed Mirchi at the fifth position. Oye! FM (2.9 per cent/T.S.L. - 2.52) finished the Week 13 at the bottom.

Despite a huge dip in share, Fever FM Delhi retained the top position, with an 18.8 per cent share and T.S.L. of 4.34. The gap to the top reduced with Radio Mirchi’s share rising to 12.9 per cent (up by 0.2 per cent), and the T.S.L. rising to 3.19. With 12 per cent share and T.S.L. of 3.25, Radio City replaced Big FM for the third position, as the latter dropped to the fourth spot with 11.9 per cent and T.S.L. of 3.15. Red FM, Oye FM and Hit FM retained the last week’s positions with the shares of 11.2 per cent, 5.9 per cent and 3.4 per cent respectively.

Radio Mirchi Kolkata’s share dropped by 0.6 per cent, and yet ended week 14 at the top position with 18.6 per cent share and T.S.L. of 4.15. Big FM climbed to the second position as its share increased from 15.1 per cent to 16 per cent, and the T.S.L. of Fever FM dropped 0.7 per cent in share, and thus to third position, with the latest week’s figures of 14.7 per cent and T.S.L. of 5.33. Oye FM, Red FM and Aamar FM followed the top three, at fourth, fifth and sixth positions respectively with shares of 10.2 per cent, 9.1 per cent and 8.5 per cent respectively. Friends FM (5.3 per cent) and Power FM (3.2 per cent) retain last week's positions at the bottom of the chart.

Radio City Bengaluru’s recovery ended with Week 14’s figures with a drop in share by 0.5 per cent. The station retained the top position with 23.7 per cent, and T.S.L. of 10.12. Following closely at the second position, the share of Big FM increased for 18.8 per cent to 19.9 per cent, and the T.S.L. of 8.11 ensured the station retains the second position. Radio Mirchi retained the last spot in the top three, with the figures of 17.3 per cent shares and 7.34 of T.S.L. Fever FM (14.3 per cent), and Red FM (4.7 per cent) finished the week at fourth and fifth positions respectively. Radio Indigo recorded another lowest per cent of shares in the city, for the latest week, (1.6 per cent) and T.S.L of 2.14.