| 27 Mar 2023
RAM week 1 of 2016: Radio City tops in Mumbai; continues dominance in Bengaluru

MUMBAI: The first week of the year 2016 opened on a high note for Radio City Mumbai, as it dethroned Big FM for the top spot in Mumbai. With 17.7 per cent of shares and T.S.L. of 4.45, Radio City went past Big FM to the top position by 0.2 per cent. Last week's city topper- Big FM- entered the year in the second position with 17.5 per cent of shares and T.S.L of 6.11. Fever FM retained its third position with an improvement in shares, ending the week with 15.7 per cent compared to the last week's 14.5 per cent. Radio Mirchi (shares- 11.7 per cent), Red FM (shares- 10.6 per cent) and Oye! FM (3.1 per cent) retained their respective positions at fourth, fifth and sixth respectively.

However, Big FM slipped by a position to fourth spot in Delhi, as Fever FM retained the top spot with shares of 19.3 per cent and T.S.L. of 4.49. Radio Mirchi followed Fever FM retaining the second position with the shares of 14.7 per cent and T.S.L. of 3.41. Radio City (shares- 12.5 per cent and T.S.L.- 3.43) replaced Big FM for the third position. The rest of the positions were retained by Red FM, Oye! FM and Hit 95.

In Kolkata, Radio Mirchi topped the chart with shares of 19.8 per cent and T.S.L. of 4.64. Big FM climbed up a position to the second spot with shares of 14.5 per cent and T.S.L of 4.55. Fever FM slipped down a position to third with a drop in shares by 0.2 per cent. Oye! FM improved its shares by 0.3 per cent, ending the first week of the new year at 10.8 per cent. Aamar FM, Red FM took the fifth and sixth positions respectively, whereas Friends FM and Power FM retained the bottom two positions.

Radio City's growth in Bengaluru continued throughout the year 2015 and the last week saw the radio station gain shares of 23.7 per cent and T.S.L. of 10.1. With 21.4 per cent and T.S.L of 8.35, Big FM followed Radio City, thus retaining its second position. Radio Mirchi's shares fell from 16.7 per cent to 16.5 per cent, however, that did not stop it from retaining the third position in the city of Bengaluru. Fever FM and Red FM retained fourth and fifth position while Radio Indigo finished last, with shares of 1.8 per cent.