| 25 Sep 2023
Big FM retains top spot in Mumbai and second spot in Bengaluru

MUMBAI: Big FM retained the top position in Mumbai city for week 49, with shares of 17.8 percent and T.S.L. of 6.02. The new figures show a fall in shares and T.S.L. for Big FM, but the latest week's figures ensure the radio station retained the top spot in the city. Radio City finished second, retaining the spot with shares of 17.3 percent (compared to 16.7 percent last week) and T.S.L. of 5.05 (compared to 5.07 last week). A rise by 0.3 percent leading to 15.3 percent put Fever FM at the third position, once again, which observed a growth from 6.48 to 7.15 in T.S.L.

Radio Mirchi (13.7 percent), Red FM (10.4 percent) and Oye! FM (3 percent) each saw a slight growth in shares compared to the previous week.

Big FM fell short of the top position in Delhi, as Fever FM retained the spot for consecutive weeks. With shares of 20.1 percent and T.S.L. of 4.55, Fever FM beat Radio Mirchi for the top spot, while the latter gained shares of 14.6 percent and T.S.L. of 3.43. With an increase in shares from 12.1 percent in the previous week to 12.5 percent in week 49, Radio City climbed up a place to third position replacing Big FM, which garnered shares of 11.3 percent and finishing fourth.

Red FM and Oye! FM finished fourth and fifth with shares of 10.2 percent and 6.1 percent, respectively.

The rankings did not change in the city of Kolkata as Radio Mirchi continued to dominate the top spot. With 19.6 percent shares, Radio Mirchi gained an upper hand over Fever FM (shares- 14.7 percent), whereas Big FM retained the third spot with shares of 14.5 percent. With 10.1 percent and 9.4 percent, Oye! FM and Aamar FM finished at fourth and fifth spot.

Bengaluru, like Mumbai, did not see any change in the positions. With an improvement in shares from 22.8 percent to 23.5 percent this week, Radio City retained the top spot with the best T.S.L. figures, in the country, of 10.02. Following on at second position was Big FM, which gained shares of 21.3 percent and T.S.L. of 8.1. Radio Mirchi finished third with the shares of 17.2 percent and T.S.L. of 7.56.

Fever FM and Red FM followed at fourth and fifth spot with the shares of 13.9 percent and 5.2 percent, respectively. Radio Indigo finished with the lowest shares (2 percent) and T.S.L. of 2.38.