| 23 May 2024
I&B Ministry's 2018 list of operational radio stations

MUMBAI: The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has updated the list of radio channels that have commenced their operations in different cities and towns of India. The list mentions stations of the year 2003, 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Let’s begin with renowned brands like Red FM and Radio Mirchi and their new radio stations. While RED FM has acquired stations in Nellore, Muzzafarpur, Srinagar, Dhule, Erode, Salem, Vellore and Dehradhun, Radio Mirchi began operations in four cities, including Rajahmundry, Srinagar, Warangal and Siliguri.

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Radio Mirchi launches in Andhra Pradesh's Rajahmundry and Warangal

Further, E-FM began operations in Rajahmundry, Tirupathi and Warangal while Hello FM began operations in Erode, Salem and Vellore. Also, Tadka FM began its operation in Srinagar, Club FM in Kozhikode, Radio Orange in Sangli, Sarthak FM in Rourkela and Magic FM in Hyderabad.

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On observing the number of stations that commenced operations, every year, 2015 ranked the highest with 232 stations. Next is 2017 with 51 stations that began operations, 2016 had 37 stations and 2018, as per 23 June 2018, has 25 stations that began operations. Interestingly, the list also has a station that began its operations in 2003 i.e. Power FM in Kolkata, though the licence validity and date of GOPA is not mentioned.

For detailed information about the GOPA license and its validity, click here.