| 18 Jul 2024
Tenders invited for agency to evaluate MIB schemes in information, broadcasting and films

NEW DELHI: Offers have been invited by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry for evaluation of its Schemes including support to community radio from eleven short-listed agencies which include Chrome and IMRB among others.

Tenders have been invited by 23 June 2017. The bids will be opened in the presence of representatives of the bidders duly authorised by the respective bidder. The date and time of opening of the bids of the eligible bidders will be intimated separately.

The Ministry has made clear that it is not permissible for the addresses to transfer this invitation to any other Institution.

A notice on the website of the Ministry includes Terms of Reference (TOR) of the Schemes for Assignment; the Standard form of Certificates to be included in the proposal and Standard Form of Agreement. The evaluation of the proposals will be done by the Evaluation Committee.

A detailed proposal including Technical Bid and the Financial Bid should be submitted in two separate sealed covers. The reference No. of this letter and the title of the assignment should be superscribed on the envelope containing the proposal.

The short-listed agencies are:

National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP),
National Council of Applied and Economic Research (NCAER),
National Institute of Labour Economic Research and Development (NILERD),
National Institute of Financial Management (NlFM),
Centre for Media Studies
Nielsen (India) Pvt. Ltd
Sambodhi Research & Communication Pvt. Ltd.
GFK Mode Pvt Ltd.
Frost and Sullivan
IMRB International, and
Chrome Data Analytics & Media

The programmes.schemes include:

Broadcasting Sector
i) Supporting Community Radio Movement in India
ii) Prasar Bharafi
a) Grant in aid to Prasar Bharati
b) Grant in aid to Prasar Bharati for Kisan Channel
i) National Museum of Indian Cinema @D)
ii) Infrastructure Development Programme relating to Film Sector
a) Upgradation, modernisation and expansion of CBFC and certification process
b) Upgradation of Siri Fort Complex
c) Upgradation of building infrastructure of Films Division
d) Grant-in-Aid to FTII - Upgradation and Modemisation of FTII
e) Infrastructure development in SRFTI
D Development Communication ?and
Dissemination of Filmic Content
a) Promotion of Indian cinema through film festivals and film markets in lndia and abroad
b) Production of films and documentaries in various Indian languages
c) Webcasting of Film Archives
d) Acquisition of archival films and film material
iv) National Film Heritage Mission
v) Anti-Piracy initiatives
vi) Setting up a Centre of Excellence for Animation, Gaming and VFX

Information Sector:
i) Up-gradation of IIMC to International Standards
Media Infrastructure Development Programme
Development Communication & Information I)issemination Iluman Resource Development
a) Training for Human Resource Development (excluding Prasar Bharati)
b) International Media Programme
c) HRD of Film MediaUnits
d) Payment for Professional Services