| 21 Jul 2024
Citizens' Charter of I&B Ministry makes commitments for ensuring certain services

NEW DELHI: The Information and Broadcasting Ministry today, undertook an initiative to facilitate a sustained annual growth rate of 13 per cent for the media and entertainment sector, and ensure free flow of information to the public and safeguard freedom of press and media.

The aim was also to expand the FM radio network to all cities of 100,000 and above by 2014-15 and community radio service for empowering local communities.

In a Citizen's Charter released, the Ministry said that the aim was to effectively disseminate information on the policies, programmes and achievements of the Government using emerging technologies, promoting development of broadcasting industry in India; strengthening Public service Broadcaster and working towards universal digitalisation of broadcasting by 2017.

The Ministry is creating a policy framework for the development of value based content for healthy entertainment of people of all ages; and restoring, digitalising, preserving and enhancing public access to the archival wealth of films, video and audio resources.

It would support digital conversion of Indian films by 2016-17 and upscale human resources development and set up centres of excellence for media and entertainment sector.

The Charter not only contains the names and contact details of officers concerned about also the maximum time limit for various activities being handled by it, document required, and the entry fee. It also includes details of service standards, number of months to be taken for various activities, and the addresses of media units.

The details have been placed on the Ministry's website.