| 17 Oct 2021
T-Series appeals in High Court against director Anees Bazmee

MUMBAI: T-Series, moves to High Court against Anees Bazmee for claiming nine crores against Rs 5.50 crores, that was decided upon the MOU signed between T-Series and Anees Bazmee. According to the latest press release by the music label, the figure of Rs 114 crores reported in the news is the gross collection of the film, out of which only 40 percent is the producer’s share.

The release further states that Anees Bazmee was engaged to direct the film vide MOU dated 4 June 2008 for a remuneration of Rs 8.61 crores. Thereafter to certain disputes and differences the project did not take off. On 30 March, 2010 two letter agreements were signed by the parties. The effect and purpose of these agreements was that remuneration of the director was scaled down to Rs 5.50 crores, rest of the terms remained same and further in case of profits the same were to be shared in an agreed ratio between the producer and the director.  One of the components of the cost of the film was producer’s fees to be charged at 7.5 per cent of the cost of the film or interest. Therefore, after accounting for all revenues earned by the film and reducing there from the cost of the film, print and publicity expenses and producer’s fees there is in fact a deficit in the film.

According to the T-Series counsel Hiren Mehta said, “The above position was explained to the Mr. Anees Bazmi but he refused to accept the same and initiated several litigations including the claim filed before the Arbitrator. This has been challenged before the Hon’ble High Court of Bombay. As law abiding citizens of India we have full faith in the judiciary and will fully respect the decision of the higher judicial forums.”

The music label further claims that they maintain a track record for fairly paying their directors and co-producers.

It all started with Bazmee filing a case against Bhushan Kumar for non-payment of dues for is directorial venture 'Ready'. This was  followed by the Court asking the label to pay the director and now the label is appealing against it.