| 03 Dec 2023
IPRS aids renowned 'penniless' music composer Vanraj Bhatia

MUMBAI: After discovering that veteran music composer Vanraj Bhatia suffering from health issues and claiming to be penniless, the Indian Performing Right Society (IPRS) swung into action. On the direction of its Chairman lyricists, scriptwriter and poet, Javed Akhtar, IPRS took immediate steps to provide relief to the veteran Vanraj Bhatia with IPRS CEO Rakesh Nigam instantly releasing funds to aid Bhatia.

Vanraj Bhatia the renowned music composer is a National Award (for his work in Govind Nihalani’s TV series, Tamas) and Sangeet Natak Akademi Awardee. He collaborated with iconic filmmaker Shyam Benegal on the soundtracks of nine films.

IPRS chairman Javed Akhtar said, “IPRS is India’s Author’s Society. We always strive to help our music fraternity through all available means whenever needed. The moment we came to know about the ill-health of our composer friend Vanraj Bhatia, we immediately released from our funds for his aid. Going forward, we are looking into long-term plans to ensure financial and other stability to IPRS members. Authors and Composers in India must join IPRS and register their works with IPRS. IPRS can provide them security and long term financial stability as their right.”

IPRS CEO Rakesh Nigam commented, “Artistes must receive their due. Whatever is being done for the veteran Vanraj Bhatiaji is his rightful due. We are proud that we are able to help him in his difficult times. We wish him good health!”

IPRS is the only registered body, which safeguards the rights of authors (lyricists), music composers and music publishers in India. IPRS was recently recognised as one of the fastest growing copyright societies in the world increasing its income in 2018-2019 to approx. INR 167 Cr from 45 Cr in 2017-2018.