| 25 Sep 2022
PPL signs agreement with 9122 Records; acquires public performance, radio collection rights

MUMBAI: Phonographic Performance Ltd. adds 9122 Records to its long list of Record labels by signing an exclusive agreement for all of 9122 Records properties including hits like Money Maker, SCATMAN and HATMAN, among others. 9122 Records is a Mumbai-based vibrant record label that promises to get some of the most prolific international music to India.

The agreement monetizes 9122 Records’ public performance rights and radio rights across India with Phonographic Performance Limited (PPL), India’s largest collective rights management organization. Association with 9122 Records is a great way to establish a connect with the international music from independent labels around the world. This tie-up gives PPL access to sound recordings from pop/dance to reggaeton, from rap/hip hop to dancehall, from reggae to EDM. The agreement is an opportunity for PPL License Holders for access to variety of international music.

PPL has seen a rapid growth in the membership over the past year, currently representing 370+ music labels with more than 1.5 million international and 0.9 million domestic songs in their repertoire. The agreement with 9122 Records will further expand the company’s foothold into the Indian market. For PPL’s thousands of license holders, this new agreement will mean the legal right to publically perform a plethora of International hits like plastic Toy – Try Me [Paris], Lie To Me” by Swiss Based Veronica Fusaro among others.

Commenting on this massive deal, PPL India CEO and MD Rajat Kakar said, “PPL is delighted to welcome 9122 as it consolidates it’s presence as the dominant Confederation for international Music for users of Public Performance and Radio rights of its members. Sunil understands the international music space very well and we look forward to licensing his repertoire of international chartbusters!”

Commenting on the association, 9122 Records founder Sunil D’Sa said, “Happy to partner with PPL for increased monetization of our content given its widespread reach and expertise in collections. Am looking forward to this association on being a beneficial one for both stakeholders.”