| 28 May 2024
India fits into a pattern of countries that can turn challenges into opportunities:Charles Caldas,CEO Merlin Network

MUMBAI: At the recently held Dialogue-The Indian Music Convention hosted by Indian Music Industry, an apex body for music industry, saw perceptive sessions being held. Among these sessions was an interesting session with Charles Caldas CEO of Merlin Network - The global music rights agency. In this session he shared insights about trends in music industry. 

Drawing Parallels with the Japanese music industry, Charles said, “Japanese industry was very resistant to mediums of streaming music and also the kind of music being streamed. It would stream only Japanese rock music. What was in surprise for them was that this Japanese rock had a wide audience in Latin America, something that no music label in Japan would have thought. It has however grown well now. India too, fits into a pattern of countries that can turn challenges into opportunities.”

Charles Caldas sighted the top trends in music industry in past decade:

1.    Availability of music on global platform has changed the scene. 

2.    Growth is from heart to heart. Wide audience for EDM is the biggest example, as it has easily surpassed the limitations of languages. 

3.    Independent music has prospered. 

4.    Sweet Spot, where high input and high value has been achieved. 

5.    Influx of value has been observed. 85 per cent of Merlin Network clientele have been optimistic about the future of music industry.

Charles also shared his observations about the music market in totality, “India has a musically engaging culture. I hope the optimism infects the Indian music industry too.”