| 22 Mar 2023
Rightscorp renews representation agreement with the Royalty Network to monitor copyrights for monetisation

MUMBAI: Rightscorp, a leading provider of data and analytic services to support artists and owners of copyrighted property, announced today that it has signed a renewal agreement with the Royalty Network to continue to represent and monitor its copyrighted songs and other assets and guard against online copyright infringement. The Royalty Network is recognised as one of the music industry's most powerful music publishing firms.

"We are very pleased to announce that we have renewed our agreement with the Royalty Network and will continue to help protect their catalog of work," said, of Rightscorp, ceo, Christopher Sabec "Both the Royalty Network and Rightscorp believe in the sanctity of copyright ownership and protection, and we see eye-to-eye on the dangers of infringement and potential losses. We have built a strong working relationship with them and have demonstrated our considerable value in combating copyright infringement and delivering results."

Rightscorp represents more than 1.5 million copyrights and has partnered with major motion picture studios, numerous platinum recording artists, Academy Award-winning films, top TV shows, authors and many other rights holders. Rightscorp has already received settlements from subscribers to more than 331 ISPs and has closed over 234,685 cases of copyright infringement to date.