| 19 Apr 2024
Vadodara mornings get brighter and peppier with Radio City

MUMBAI: FM Bole Toh Radio City is all set to jumpstart Vadodara mornings with 4 hours of laughter and endless fun! Starting this week the new, slickly packaged avatar of the morning show, will be presented by RJ Roshan who will ensure that the mornings are totally whacky, fresh & informed.

RJ Roshan's zesty voice with his unbeatable energy is sure to spruce the listener's mornings! A naturally creativity & humorous RJ Roshan is all set to take Radio City listeners on a trip that they will begin to love. As a friend & a confidante, he has mastered the art of entertaining listeners with his quirky sense of humor acting as a catalyst.

With a strong passion for music, Roshan has stirred many a viral storms with hits like the 'Gujju kolaveri di', 'Gujarati amplifier' etc. that garnered more than 10 Lakh views and were a rage! A lover of music and dance, Roshan's enthusiasm is contagious. His adventurous spirit, humorous approach and a 'hatke' attitude towards life is sure to make him Vadodara's much loved jock.

With new listener features, an invigorating music format, local news, views, and a tinge of spicy gossip woven with a lot of FUN, RJ Roshan is your dose of vitamin fun every morning, while keeping you on top of every happening in the city!

Tune into breakfast mornings only on Radio City from Mon-Sat 7.00am – 11.00am.

Just log on to for daily show updates. Listeners can also chat with RJ Roshan by logging on to!