| 24 Feb 2024
Red FM Pune's RJ Shrikant hosts India's first radio show from water

MUMBAI: Punekars across the city cheered for their favorite morning show RJ, as Red FM's RJ Shrikant attempted something no RJ in the country had ever dared before. Pune listened in rapt attention to the energetic RJ's voice, who was not talking from the comforts of a studio but partially submerged in the waters of the swimming pool at Splendour Country Resort. Shrikant successfully hosted the first radio show ever from water in India.

Four hours of show without stepping out of water even for a second was no child's play. There were routine medical check-ups done to ensure that RJ Shrikant could conduct the show seamlessly from under water.

Perhaps it was the cheering of the fans and the well wishes of millions of Punekars from across the city which motivated the Morning Number 1 jock to fulfill the challenge with relative ease. On completion of the show, an elated Shrikant commented, “It's been just two months that I have started hosting Morning Number 1 on Red FM and the appreciation and love I have received from my listeners is humungous and humbling. This is my way of reciprocating, offering them something which they have never experienced before. With the support of my superb team, I will continue to keep things interesting for our listeners.”