| 09 Jun 2023
Radio City's Ahmednagar station to introduce show for farmers

MUMBAI: There is no better day than the 15th of August to start a new show which will help the 'sons of the soil'. On the day that India celebrates 68 years of freedom, Radio City will introduce a new show 'Rangrao Patil' which will highlight the lives of the farmers in Maharashtra, in turn, helping to empower them.

Radio City national programming head Kartik Kalla said, "The content of the show is specially designed to assist the farmers in their day to day lives. 'Rangrao Patil' - the 'agri' young man talks about the struggles, the stories and the life of a farmer and his family in a quirky, strong and powerful way."

Kalla further added, "The show has a unique programming take that caters to the farmers in the region that is entertaining and informative at the same time. While there will be experts on the show who will provide information to the farmers, it will have its share of entertaining music as well. The show will introduce RJ Rangrao Patil to its listeners."

The show will be aired every Monday to Saturday between 2 to 3pm.

Apart from the show, Radio City is giving listeners of Hyderabad and Lucknow a special treat on Independence Day through its music.