| 28 Jan 2022
MY FM launches new show æCrossfireÆ

MUMBAI: MY FM has recently launched Crossfire; radio's first ever hard hitting interview show across all its stations. Based on topical issues, each week, a newsmaker will be interviewed and will be posed questions on the issues which have kept them in the news. The questions asked during the show will be direct and pointed and may pose discomfort to the guests. MY FM has already interviewed stalwart politicians like former AAP leader Yogendra Yadav and BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain to name a few.

The weekly show will be aired in every Friday during the morning show starting from 9am and will be repeated every Sunday during the morning show. MY FM has built a separate team to work on the show because this is highly specialized content and needs extensive research.

Speaking on the development, MY FM CEO Harrish Bhatia said, "This is in continuation to our efforts to bring highly specialized and focused content on radio which has been totally missing off late. The intent is to bring serious listeners back to radio, create value for listeners and give them a strong reason to tune in. We will try to make this show as interactive as possible and we will encourage the listeners to send their questions so that we can incorporate them in the show."

MY FM national programming head
Viplove Gupte added, "The idea behind this show germinated from a very basic aspect of the human nature: curiosity. We wondered what it will be like to pose direct questions to these great people, political leaders, career politicians, office bearers and such people, questions which are hovering in the common man's mind. From this very thought this show was born and the idea was to pose questions which put the newsmakers out of their comfort zones and are compelling enough to be answered."