| 16 Jun 2024
FM Rainbow Mumbai pays homage to Roy C Bennett with special show

MUMBAI: FM Rainbow in Mumbai will pay homage to Roy C. Bennett, composer and songwriter, on Saturday, 11 July through a special evening show. Bennett, a composer and songwriter, who along with Sid Tepper wrote a number of hits for Elvis Presley, passed away on 2 July at the age of 97.

The private radio station will host a special 90-minute show at 10.30 pm on Saturday celebrating Bennett’s legacy. The show will play 20 of Bennett’s best songs, starting with hits he wrote for another legendary singer- Sir Cliff Richards, like ‘Summer Holiday’, ‘Young Ones’ and ‘When The Girl In Your Arms’. Those will be followed by some of the best loved songs he wrote for Presley like ‘Blue Hawaii’, ‘Angel’, ‘Puppet On A String’ and others.

Having written over 50 hit songs for the King of Rock and Roll, both, Bennett and Tepper were honoured by Presley’s wife- Priscilla and daughter- Lisa Marie in 2002 for the part they played in the singer’s career. For this, all their hit Presley songs were released in a double CD compilation album, which hit the top 20 on album charts.

Together, Bennett and Tepper wrote more than 350 hit songs for several artists, including Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Kenny Rogers, Dean Martin, The Beatles and Dave Brubeck. Tepper died in April this year.

Bennett is survived by his wife- Ruth Bennett, two sons and three grandchildren.