| 29 Jun 2022
Red FM reiterates its commitment to reach out to smaller cities, while expressing joy at winning legal battle

NEW DELHI: After the recent verdict, Red FM's COO Nisha Narayanan issued a statement reaffirming faith in the country’s judicial system, she said, "We feel that the Delhi High Court has accepted our submission that we have no connection with the reasons for denial of security clearance and rejection of our application."

Emphasising that the court had only read out the operative portion and the full judgment was not available yet, Narayanan said "We will continue with auction according to our plans of bidding for more frequencies. We are one of country’s largest networks of FM stations and hopefully post the final outcome of these auctions we shall retain our leadership status." She expressed her pleasure for the permission to participate in the auction of first batch of private FM radio phase III channels starting from tomorrow.

Expressing joy that the issue had been settled Narayanan said, "From the beginning we had kept a sizeable sum of money to be spent on these auctions (through which government stands to earn with go ahead on our participation). Our inclusion means healthy competition and will benefit the entire FM radio industry and media and entertainment industry at large."

She also said Red FM not only reaches to some of the smaller cities but also gives the local music and entertainment industry a voice. It always believes in being a socially active and relevant entertainment medium, creating employment opportunities for local youth specially women and become a voice of city wherever it operates its station. "In Phase III, we also have plans of going ahead with the philosophy of nurturing not only commercially viable bigger metro cities but also reaching out to the last corner of the country," she noted. "At the end of Phase II, we had the highest number of stations in North East and three-tier and four-tier cities as a network. This is something which we will continue in Phase III also," she added.