| 30 Nov 2022
Red FM partners with Sunburn Goa and Arena gig

MUMBAI: For the first time, radio network Red FM has partnered with the annual dance music festival Sunburn Goa and Sunburn Arena gig. As an exclusive partner, the network will promote the show on all its stations.

Talking about the partnership, Red FM national marketing head Rajat Uppal said, "Red FM is primarily a young aspirational brand, so is Sunburn, with its appeal among the trendy youth. Though the specific music content does not match, we see a distinct brand fit between the two, which has prompted the association."

He further added, "A lot of Red FM’s listeners consume EDM, along with the staple contemporary Bollywood music; and will appreciate updates on the biggest EDM festival in India."

When quizzed on whether this is Red FM's move to enter the dance music space, Uppal declined to give any information on the same.

In their maiden partnership, Red FM will promote Sunburn in the lead-up to the festival, with spots and RJ mentions. They are also planning artiste interviews for some of the events. Uppal mentioned the duration of promotion on-air, he said, "There will be about a two-week promotion lead-up to each event that will take place at a fairly high frequency."

Promotions will also be carried out through social media as well. "Our social media promotion will update the fanbase on the details of each event, and may give-out passes through contests." The network will give away free tickets to its listeners on-air and through social media.