| 30 Nov 2023
Radio One to increase ad rates by 20 per cent

MUMBAI: The joint venture between Next Radio Ltd and BBC Worldwide, Radio One has decided to increase advertising rates by 20 per cent. It will be effective from 20 February 2015 across all seven markets- Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata, Ahmedabad and Chennai.

Radio One chief sales officer Saurabh Sehgal said, "Radio inventories have been peaking at over 30 minutes an hour of advertising, resulting in very high clutter and increase in ad rates is the only way to balance the revenue and listenership equation.  Just filling up inventory at current rates is a mindless commodity creating exercise as it causes more clutter for the advertiser and upsets listeners who tune out of any station due to heavy advertising."

"Differentiation that the listener enjoys, better targeting and digital connect costs us money and we have been increasing that investment into the product year on year. Since we clearly target well profiled listeners on air and even offer better connect with an upscale educated segment online, we are only charging clients for better ROI," said Radio One MD and CEO Vineet Singh Hukmani.

Hukmani also stated that Radio One's programming is no longer just three time bands and that the network runs multitude of content properties both in prime and non prime time. "We already have the highest revenue in the industry from special sponsored hours, innovative properties and a host of exclusive clients that advertise only on Radio One."

Last year, the station increased their ad rates by 20 per cent on 1 February 2014.  

Radio One runs international stations in Mumbai and Delhi, Hindi retro stations in Ahmedabad and Kolkata, Bollywood stations in Bangalore and Pune and the only 100 per cent request station in Chennai.