| 05 Dec 2021
Radio Mirchi and CP Plus launch new campaign #SayNotoRoadRage

MUMBAI: Radio Mirchi and CP PLUS, the Global Leader in advanced surveillance and security systems and solutions, and market leader with No. 1 market share in India, have come together for the campaign, ‘SayNoToRoadRage’. Launched with the objective to create awareness of the rising need for security and surveillance systems in the country, the campaign reinforces the fact that high-end security solutions are not just a sporadic need but an urban necessity. CP PLUS, as a category leader, aims to maximise its brand recall and increase its brand salience through this innovative campaign.

As part of the campaign, RJ Naved interviewed some people who have become victims of road rage at some time or the other. The main cause of road rage is the uncontrollable anger that people seem to demonstrate when stressed on the road. A slight scratch or a dent on their car has raised people’s temper, provoked filthy language and even led to violence. Unaware of the serious consequences that such acts can bring, people continue to commit them regularly, as they pride the well-being of their swanky vehicles over the well-being of fellow human beings.

CP Plus COO Yogesh B. Dutta commented, “Road rage can be extremely catastrophic, hence it is important to keep track of what’s happening on the roads and prevent people from indulging in unnecessary fights for petty issues. Radio Mirchi’s access to its listeners as one of the most popular radio channels in the country, serves as an ideal platform to launch our campaign against road rage. Through this campaign, we wish to make people aware of the repercussions that their rage can bring in others’ lives. This will also help us in bolstering our brand presence and enhancing our visibility in the market.”

As a custodian of safety and security in public places as well as homes, CP Plus emphasises on making people aware of the consequences of road rage and how a proper surveillance system can regulate such incidents through its innovative campaign #SayNoToRoadRage.