| 14 Aug 2022
Radio City will help strengthen bonds this Raksha Bandhan!

MUMBAI: Raksha Bandhan is one such festival that celebrates the brother-sister relation like no other. Being a shield of protection over the sister is one of the most important duties of a brother. To give that a heightened meaning, Radio City’s RJ Ginnie will team up with Delhi locals and approach the MLA’s to seek protection!

Broken roads and uncovered potholes are massive safety hazard in the Capital City! Numerous pleas made to the MLA’s by the locals go unanswered. So, RJ Ginnie has taken the onus to team up with the locals and approach the authorities in order to prevent mishaps. RJ Ginnie will personally accompany the locals to their MLA’s house where rakhis will be tied to them. The MLA in return simply has to vow to protect his locals by sprucing up the roads and covering the potholes in his jurisdiction.

While the sweets and rakhis will be distributed by the locals, RJ Ginnie will grill them on-air. All politicians make statements as to what they will do if they are elected to lead the people. Radio City’s RJ Ginnie will put these politicians to the test and interrogate them on their achievements over the course of last 6 months so that the truth is out in front of the people. Radio City will help its listeners speak directly to their leaders who rarely have time for their own people. Delhiites can ring up the Radio City hotline, who will ensure that the politician is all ears!

Radio City will make sure that the politicians stick to their promises by repeatedly playing his byte on-air. The byte will compel the MLA in question to take action and resolve the issue at the earliest! Around 20 areas across Delhi will be covered by Radio City and more than 10 MLA’s will be grilled this Raksha Bandhan!