| 30 May 2023
No gold or silver for Indian Radios' at NYF International Radio Program Awards

MUMBAI: Indian Radio networks failed to bring Gold and Silver Radio awards during the recently held New York Festival (NYF) International Radio Program Awards 2014. However, Fever FM, Radio Mango, Radio Mantra, Radio Mirchi and BIG FM (two) were able to grab bronze radio awards this year.

Fever FM and BIG FM received four finalist certificates each and Radio Mirchi received one finalist certificate.

Fever FM bagged bronze for 'Best Interview'; Radio Mango for Public Service Announcement Promotion; Radio Mantra for Community Service; Best Human Interest Story; Public Service Announcement Promotion; Sports Promotion; and Best Sound.

A finalist certificate was given to Big FM for the show 'Mumbai Retro Thematics' in station promotion category; for the 'Big Green Durga Puja campaign' in the green promotion category; for 'BIG Community Initiatives' in the Community Service category; for 'Breakfast Show With Siddharth' in the best music special category; and for 'Diwali station jingle' in the station ID category. Fever FM bagged the finalist certificate for 'Superhero Sriram' in the best radio personality category: local market'; for 'Mission Uttarakhand' in the 'best human interest story'; for 'Kya Woh Sach Thha in the sound art and best sound category.

However, the GrandJury honoured two prominent companies with the coveted grand award: Swedish Radio and TBI Media with Snappin' Turtle Productions. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation earned the title of Broadcaster of the Year and TBI Media UK earned Production Company of the Year.

"This year's jury honoured long form radio dealing with complex subject matter along with innovation, and degree of technical complexity," commented NYF Radio executive director Awards Rose Anderson.

The 2014 GrandJury awarded 2 grand awards, 50 gold trophies, 57 silver, 56 bronze, and 97 finalist certificates submitted from 32 countries.

New York Festivals International Radio Program Awards announced the 2014 competition's award-winners on 23 June at their annual Gala held at Manhattan Penthouse in New York City.