| 29 Nov 2023
MY FM ups the Humour in 'Happy Evening'

MUMBAI: Why not to end your day with a smile? 94.3 MY FM has launched three new sparkler which will shower happy laughter to beat the stress, the new sparklers will be part of the evening show ‘Happy Evening’ (5-9pm) - ‘Bhai Ki Dairy’, ‘Picture Ki Kahani’ (Movie review segment) and ‘Angry Singham’. Each day the new capsules of the sparkler will be introduced 1st in the evening show and later repeated at high frequency. The station will entertain the listeners with mimicry of Bollywood celebs to beat the heated stress thus breaking the ice of tireless monotony.

Speaking on the launch My FM, CEO, Harrish M Bhatia said,” How often do we smile? Where have we lost that innocent grin? Being busy in today’s fast paced lifestyle and being workaholic, we often forget to let loose and enjoy life. So MY FM brings you humor in a very unique way & hopes to Spread Happiness by emphasising on the perspective of life, which is simple-smile.”

Adding on to this My FM, National Programming Head, Viplove Gupte, explained,” De-stress is the word for us. Evening drive back show works on the insight that people who are coming back from their work place or have just reached home, they are totally drained out. Too many things on their mind, too many tasks to finish and a mountain of work to climb when they reach home. How do we de-stress? We are introducing 3 characters – Angry Singham (for someone who is angry about the wrong things happening in Bollywood and Bollywood cliches) Bhai Ki Diary and movie review by Mr. Mitron. All three are spoofs and aimed at creating meaningful content for our listeners. The ideas are simple but powerful. However, it is purely a listening experience. They are also being posted on our Facebook page for listeners to enjoy otherwise.”

In this fast growing world where everything is changing & running at tremendous pace, a lot of people are becoming the victim of newly born syndrome ‘maddening tension’. Over burdened with work, peer pressure, office files, haunted at home & worse getting caught up in an exhaustive post work. If you’re happy and you know it, thank your friends—and their friends and while you’re at it, their friends’ friends. If you’re sad, hold the blame, to beat this meandering never ending stress tune in to MY FM everyday to get your mojo back.