| 19 Jul 2024
My FM national programming head Viplove Gupte - 'Today googling is a terminology which is a part of our lives'

Most cities where My FM is operating are B category cities where Internet penetration is not very high. What prompted My FM to launch its online portal?

Any website when launched does not necessarily aim at listeners only, and the My FM website also has a dual purpose. The main purpose of the website is to increase brand awareness and showcase our product to the people, advertisers, media buyers and advertising/ media agencies.

At the same time, the percentage increase in net penetration in smaller cities is growing by the second and more and more people are able to enjoy the benefits of internet thanks to our Government and of course, the private players who are throwing broadband open to people in all categories of towns.

Also our portal is aimed at people who want to know about My FM, it's just another interface for reaching out to us. We have print/ radio and on ground events, so why leave out cyber space?

Which new interactive features are you going to include?

The website has been designed keeping the latest trends in media websites in mind. It is interactive to a large extent. You can check different stations that we have launched, you can see the pictures of RJs and their profiles. If you are looking at advertising with My FM, you can check the rate cards of various cities. We also have My FM club where in one can join to know updates about the station, we have incorporated blogging so people can express their views. We have podcast so that you can listen to some of our in house products. In the nut shell, we have put in all possible ingredients and as they say, technology changes before you blink your eyelids, so we will keep updating ourselves with it.

How is it going to help you increase your listenership? Does an online presence help radio stations?

Radio stations use online portals not to increase their listenership in the direct sense, as websites do no prompt any one to act immediately but people always refer to internet to find more about the product/ idea/ service or company. Today, googling is a terminology which is a part of our lives.

As far as my knowledge goes, every radio company website in India has huge number of hits from across the globe and they are popular in their own right. People often refer to websites for ad rates, careers, check the profile of the company and more importantly to see what all is at the showcase.
We intend to use our portal for potential clients and advertisers, along with job seekers and yes, we are not forgetting googlers from across the globe who may want to get the flavor of My FM.

How are you going to promote your web portal?

We will definitely promote our website on air through RJ links and other in house promotion products. We also plan to use print media for the same so that the awareness about the website increases.

Why does a FM station need its own portal anyway?

Any company these days need web interface, so why should a radio company not have a website. As soon as we get the permission to do internet broadcasting, people across the globe can listen to our stations live.