| 02 Dec 2021
IPL 3 - a serious business opportunity: Nishant Mittal

Radio is an innovative medium where connect with listeners is always the focus. Someone told me - what radio thinks today, other media think a day after. Radio as the medium is the torch bearer whereas other media are followers. Indian Premier League- the most exciting and gala cricket affair in the country has proved again that radio is the most connected and listener  friendly medium. There is lot of on air and ground activities around IPL.Radio are mass medium with its reach to the last corner. Radio is basically a live and local medium who knows the taste of listeners.

Radio Misty Siliguri 94.3 FM and Radio Misty Sikkim 95 FM are the only 24 hours live stations in the region. Being a 24 hours station has given us a big edge so we can cover live all matches late till night with expert views and lot of fun. IPL 3 has been a big season for us. We redesigned our shows with more IPL related information. We have our in-house research team which adds value to shows. This has given big boost to radio content. Value addition is the key word in radio. Radio is not only about information; it's about innovations. These value additions on IPL have helped us a lot. Apart from live updates of matches, we have focused on back room and dressing room tidbits with updates of players and their home towns. We have being bringing places of tourism interests from the players' hometowns. During matches, there are expert �ban jao' themes on air where listeners can call on air and share their expert views on matches. These have given a big connect to listeners. After the match, listeners are invited to share on what went right and what went wrong during the match and the turning point of the match.

Radio Misty had placed outdoor vehicles  in major towns  of the region where listeners can come to the OB van and record their message to cheer the team which is taken  on air. Gifts hampers are given to listeners. There is on air contest on air where listeners have to text answers about simple questions. Winners are given merchandise of IPL teams. Revenue has also gone up by as local advertisers are coming up with spots and sponsoring gift hampers for contests. Radio is the live and innovative medium where there is lot of flexibility to design contests according to clients' needs. Radio is taking IPL as a serious business opportunity and in coming years, it will be a big boon for radio.

(Nishant Mittal is Chief Executive officer - Radio Misty)