| 30 Nov 2022
Government sets deadline for migration to Phase III FM Radio regime

NEW DELHI: Existing operators of Phase II FM Radio wanting to migrate to Phase III have been asked to deposit 25 per cent of the non-refundable one-time entry fee (NOTMF) within five calendar days, and the balance amount within fifteen calendar days of the notification of NOTMF in existing cities.

The Information and Broadcasting Ministry (I&B Ministry) in a directive today, said the existing permission holders will be required to sign the migration grant of permission agreement (GOPA) in the prescribed format within fifteen days of payment of the full NOTMF amount.

A format has been prescribed on the website for those existing operators who wish to migrate to FM Phase III.

The option for migration from Phase II to Phase III regime should reach the Ministry preferably by 8 March, but not later than 23 March.

The option for migration of FM Phase I operators who had migrated to FM Phase II earlier should reach the Ministry not later than 9 March (in place of the earlier announced 7 March which is a non-working day).

The option to migrate will be considered 'final and binding', the Ministry said.