| 04 Feb 2023
BIG FM shines at India Radio Forum 2014 with Nine wins

MUMBAI: BIG FM, the nation's leading radio network once again proved its mettle at the recently concluded India Radio Forum 2014 by winning the metal in nine prestigious categories including 'Best Breakfast Programme' (Telugu) - Happy Mornings, 'Best Programme' (Non-Breakfast - Hindi) - Carvaan-E-Ghazal, 'Best Programme' (Non-Breakfast - Tamil) - Take It Easy, 'Best Programme' (Non-Breakfast - Telugu) - Full Volume, 'Best Radio Programme' (Bengali) - Se Sudhu Gaaner Din. Regarded as the most respected and widely followed radio network in the country, it also swept off the maximum number of RJ of the Year awards including: 'RJ of the Year (Tamil) - RJ Balaji, 'RJ of the Year' (Telugu) - RJ Shekar, 'RJ of the Year' (Kannada) - RJ Sihikahi Chandru & RJ Geetha and 'RJ of the Year' (Hindi – For Non-Metro Stations) - RJ Neelesh Misra. The awards ceremony was held in New Delhi on 30 May 2014.

Reaffirming the network's leadership position, BIG FM continues breaking boundaries with its pioneering campaigns in the Indian radio industry. BIG FM's share of listenership has grown consistently across all markets in the past one year firmly establishing it as the most preferred station across the nation. With the introduction of innovative shows such as Carvaan-E-Ghazal with Talat Aziz, Happy Mornings, Se Sudhu Gaaner Din, Take it Easy, Full Volumes, etc. illustrate the award winning work done during the year gone by. The network's landmark initiatives and exceedingly popular radio jockeys have also contributed to achieving admiration for its consistent efforts to promote retro music at stations like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata.

The network carries on its winning streak from last year winning nine Awards at the India Radio Forum 2013 including Best Creative Campaign. Also, BIG FM continues to be India's most awarded network winning nine awards at the Golden Mikes 2014 recently as well including the celebrated, Radio Station of the Year.

BIG FM Business Head Ashwin Padmanabhan said, "The teams across India are absolutely proud and elated to have our creative work recognized once again on a prestigious platform like the India Radio Forum. It is a huge achievement as well as a great opportunity to have our campaigns, shows and people recognized as it only represents our focus on the level of quality and innovation. We wish to thank our audiences for the continuous love and support and hope to keep creating and delivering the best content for our listeners and clients."

Held at The India Habitat Centre, New Delhi the Awards show at the annual India Radio Forum recognizes and celebrates the best of talent, marketing & promotion and creative excellence in the radio and media industry in India every year. The Awards honours outstanding programming, on-air personalities, marketing & promotions and creativity within the industry.