| 03 Dec 2022
Big FM gives listeners a brighter and better start to mornings with Seher's Shravan Special with Anup Jalota

MUMBAI: Shravan is a festival of love and happiness. As the nature turns itself around with pleasant changes in the weather, fields full of green grass and colourful flowers, the beauty it brings with it seems almost surreal. To make use of the positivity that nature bestows upon the country, Big FM, India’s No.1 radio network is all set to celebrate the month long festival with bhajan and ghazal maestro Anup Jalota on his early morning show ‘Seher’. The show airs from Monday to Friday, 6– 7 AM across 25 HSM markets including Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Agra amongst others.

Starting with inculcating optimistic thoughts and actions in one’s life, Anup Jalota will sign in to the show and also share a beautiful doha along with its interpretation for listeners. As a significant part of the show, he will also narrate a story about a temple or a pilgrimage and reveal the myth behind its existence as a means of sharing positive and inspiring reasons for people to visit the temple or embark on the beautiful pilgrimage.

The bhajan and ghazal veteran known for leading a mentally balanced and peaceful life will keep the momentum going on the show with a resonating bhajan for the listeners and narrate the story and meaning of each bhajan to enable people across all generations to understand and imbibe them in their daily lives. As a shravan special activity, the expert will also bring on-air with him, his students and various singers on the show to display their talent to listeners and thus motivate listeners across all age-groups.

Speaking on the occasion, RBNL, COO, Ashwin Padmanabhan stated, “The show is going extremely well and the response we have received so far has been magnanimous. Despite Seher being an early morning show, we have listeners tuning in and even calling in to interact with Anup Jalota and that is great. Shravan is a holy, happy month and we found the need to imbibe listeners with positivity while also sharing with them the importance of the festival and there could not have been a better show than Seher to do this.”

Mondays are the most important days during the festival of Shravan as the day attributes itself to Lord Shiva thus the ghazal expert will eloquently share a number of rare to unknown pilgrimage stories about the supreme god of Hindu mythology. The bhajans sung by him during this month will also largely be about Lord of Shiva particularly on Mondays.