| 18 Jul 2024
Red FM Welcomes Pune's Favorite Son, RJ Bandya, to Morning No.1

MUMBAI: India’s leading private radio and entertainment network, Red FM is thrilled to announce the launch of the iconic RJ Bandya, to the Pune airwaves. With over fifteen years of media experience, Bandya has become a household name, reigning supreme as one of Pune’s top 3 RJs.

On January 2, 2024, RJ Bandya took the helm of Red FM Pune’s Morning No. 1. show, airing every weekday from 7-11 am. Amongst Pune's top RJ, he possesses an extensive experience not just the radio industry, but is a talented actor and showcased his skills in the popular daily soap "Swapnanchya Palikadale" alongside Ajinkya De. Furthermore, he played a role in the Marathi movie "Hawa Hawai," produced by Mahesh Tileka, and took on the role of a celebrity radio jockey in the live show Marathi Big Boss Season 3. With his unparalleled local connect, command over language, and engaging persona, RJ Bandya is set to make a home in Punekars heart like never before.

To mark RJ Bandya’s grand return, Red FM launched a competition, offering two lucky listeners the chance to experience ‘hawaa mein’ with him on a paramotoring excursion with Bandya. The adventure was broadcasted On-Air and on all Red FM social media platforms, promising an unforgettable experience for both Bandya and his listeners.

Punekars, get ready for a radio experience like never before. Tune into the Morning No. 1 from 7-11 am Monday - Friday only on 93.5 Red FM.