| 28 Jan 2022
RED FM announces their new IP, 'Raagistaan- Desert Diaries'

MUMBAI: One of the largest and most awarded private radio networks in India, 93.5 RED FM announced their new IP, ‘Raagistaan - Desert Diaries’, a celebration of Rajasthani folk music and culture. This one-of-its-kind online show will feature internationally renowned folk fusion artists from Rajasthan.

RED FM intends to celebrate folk music and bring the best of Indian folk scene to its listeners. The show will have the musical performances with candid conversations by the musicians. Some of the distinguished artists like Dapu Khan, Indira Dhawshi, Sartaj & Sarvar Khan, Nathoolal Solanki, Swaroop Khan and Kutle Khan will be seen in Raagistaan - Desert Diaries.

Speaking on the announcement, Nisha Narayanan, Director & COO, RED FM and Magic FM said, “Rajasthani folk music has a history so deep that one can’t do it justice by mentioning it in a few words. We are truly delighted to bring to you our new IP, 'Raagistaan Desert Diaries' a travelogue. It is an attempt to celebrate folk music and appreciate the melodies of Rajasthan. Red FM, strategically and as a conscious effort, has been focusing on creating regional content and making efforts to bring it to the center stage and not limit it only to a particular region. We aim to bring forward cultural inclusion in our music and embrace the cultural diversity.”

The show goes live on RED FM’s social media platforms from 15th-20th March, 2021 at 10 AM. Enjoy the best of Indian folk music from the land of sand dunes & folk tunes!