| 18 Jul 2024
Who is the new BIG FM RJ speaking in different voices to the people of Delhi?

MUMBAI:Known to have some of the best personalities as RJs, BIG FM is always a step ahead in terms of entertaining their listeners with engaging content and hosts who are known for their distinct style. Be it Khurafati Nitin, Abhilash or Vrajesh Hirjee, the jockeys have carved a niche for themselves amongst the listeners with their own hosting style which is loved by all.

Adding another voice, or shall we say voices, BIG FM has got everyone talking with its prime time evening show in Delhi. Over the last week or so, the evening show which is being hosted by different RJs every day, has been seeing an innovative engagement of multiple voices stealing the show.

Keeping the listeners hooked, the 4 hour-long show, is witnessing a new voice every hour making everyone’s curiosity peak. Known as ‘Dumdaar Evenings’, the show is filled with quirky contests, youth-centric fun-filled content, traffic and weather updates along with a host of other elements keeping everyone entertained! BIG FM is keeping the suspense closely wrapped by not revealing who the man behind the mic is.

Not only has this intrigued the listeners, but some are also wondering if there’s one or multiple people behind the voices?

Well, can you guess who is this personality is? Stay tuned to BIG FM to find out!