| 06 Oct 2022
Radio City Mumbai promotes a green Christmas with Santa Ka Naya Jhola

MUMBAI: Radio City, India’s leading radio network, is all set to celebrate Christmas with Santa Ka Naya Jhola, an initiative that aims to spread awareness about biodegradable garbage bags. Through this campaign, Radio City intends to tackle the issue of people using normal bin bags that take years to decompose.

In keeping with the festive spirit of Christmas that celebrates spreading love and exchanging gifts, Radio City commenced the Santa Ka Naya Jhola campaign where RJ Palak and RJ Harshit on their Double Decker show that airs Monday – Saturday 5pm-9pm urged listeners on-air and on-ground to use ecofriendly bin bags. The RJs have joined hands with Nasha R Jassawalla’s JFK Enterprise, the company that produces biodegradable bin bags, and will be distributing these across the city, urging Mumbaikars to embrace a cleaner Christmas. This activity will be promoted across all the shows of Radio City Mumbai.

Commenting on the campaign, Radio City's Chief Creative Officer, Mr. Kartik Kalla said, "Radio City has always been a strong voice to address and tackle social and civic issues. Santa Ka Naya Jhola is an initiative to encourage people to spare a thought for nature and use biodegradable bin bags. We hope that our campaign will urge Mumbaikars to reconsider their choices, kick past habits, and as we ring in the New Year, set an example for other cities to emulate. On behalf of the entire Radio City team, here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a joyous, clean, and green 2021."

Radio City has always executed activities for the benefit of the city and its citizens, in tandem with the brand philosophy of Rag rag mein positivity.