| 22 Jul 2024
Radio City’s fund raiser initiative ‘Dabbewale ka Dabba Bharo’, is a ray of sunshine for the dabbawalas amidst lockdown

MUMBAI: Amidst the Covid-19 worldwide pandemic and lockdown, a lot of people are finding it difficult to make both ends meet. Amongst them are Mumbai’s Dabbawalas, who have always ensured that a delicious, warm, home-cooked meal reaches us in time every single day, today are battling to have a meal in their own plates. Radio City, India’s leading radio network, has launched a fund raiser initiative, ‘Dabbewale ka Dabba Bharo’ to urge Mumbaikars to come forward and contribute towards the initiative. Various celebrities and digital influencers like Amrita Rao, Sahil Khan, Rohit Roy, Aditi Singh Sharma, Abhijeet Sawant, Madhushree, Mumbai foodie, etc. have lent their support to the campaign.

Radio City in Mumbai, started the fund raiser initiative in April, where all the RJs across their shows have been sharing the update on the current state of Dabbawalas, wherein more than 5 thousand Dabbawalas across Mumbai are finding it difficult to feed their families since the lockdown was announced. There has been an overwhelming response from the citizens and with the help pouring in, approx. 8 lakh rupees has already been collected till now.

Mr. Kartik Kalla, Chief Creative Officer, Radio City said, “Dabbawalas have always been there for Mumbaikars and ensured that piping hot, home-cooked food reaches them amidst scorching heat, rains, and winters. This lockdown and pandemic have brought a standstill to their life, so much so that they are finding it difficult to manage a meal for themselves and their families. Radio City has initiated the fund raiser initiative ‘Dabbewale ka Dabba Bharo’ to ensure that 5000 Dabbawalas get their meal. We have witnessed help pouring in from listeners, celebrities, social influencers, etc. This initiative highlights the power of radio and the impact it can create to bring about a positive ray of hope in the life of Dabbawalas.”

Radio City’s Kasa Kai Mumbai’s RJ Salil said, “I believe it is our collective responsibility to help fill the stomachs of those who have been doing the same for years for Mumbaikars. Since the time we announced a fund raiser initiative Dabbewale ka Dabba Bharo on Radio City, it was surreal to see help pouring in from every nook and cranny of Mumbai city and beyond. As we have to help around 5000 Dabbawalas, I request Mumbaikars, corporates, public figures, and everyone possible to come forward and contribute to this initiative and help make a difference.”

To garner a wider reach and raise more funds, Radio City created a video ( that has been promoted across Radio City’s social media handles. Radio City has always been at the forefront to help the city and its citizens through various initiatives like these and spread a wave of positivity.

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