| 25 May 2024
PDF tuner steps up in the game with Radio

MUMBAI: During the lockdown, people are looking for authentic local information and entertainment, Radio industry has stepped up and took up this big game. FM has become the second most preferred mode of daily entertainment, just after TV. As per a recent research, over 86% of all Indians have tuned into a radio station at home.

Radio Mirchi is even accessible through music streaming services such as Gaana and Alexa. To make its online stations more accessible, Mirchi has rolled out a PDF tuner which showcases all its 34 online stations in a sharable format.

According to the research, Mr. Rahul Balyan – Chief Digital Officer of ENIL said, “While Mirchi has been streaming 34 radio stations through Gaana for quite some time now, we thought of creating a handy tool for our listeners to discover their favourite station, to help them cope with the current situation. We have been pleasantly surprised by the response this simple PDF tuner has received. People are forwarding it in their whatsapp groups and discovering their favourite radio stations. In this lockdown, our RJs are doing an incredible job of giving company to our listeners, and updating them with hyperlocal information. For many of our listeners, this tuner has been a simple way of finding their favourite radio station to keep themselves entertained.”

Mirchi hosts 34 stations on Gaana. Of these, ten are FM stations and twenty-four live radio stations across many genres like Retro, Devotional, Indies, Bollywood, and even a Nineties station. Mirchi PDF Tuner directs the listeners to these stations regardless of any app.

With a whopping 38.6 million Mirchi listeners through FM stations and another 4 million through Gaana, Radio Mirchi is looking forward to expanding its listener base further through Mirchi Tuner.