| 26 Jan 2022
Indian Radio channels, to come in support amid COVID-19

MUMBAI: During a 21-day nationwide lockdown, Indian radio brands came together to bring out COVID-19 stories. At a time when the world is fighting against coronavirus, radio brands have forgotten their rivalry on market share, revenues and other business metrics.

Major radio players started conversation on micro-blogging site Twitter to bring stories about the healthcare workers, police officials and other essential service providers who are risking their lives to serve others during the coronavirus pandemic.

It all started after HT Media's Fever FM posted a light-hearted tweet poking fun at Radio Mirchi. "Hey Man! Still Khush? @RadioMirchi," wrote Fever FM.

Radio Mirchi replied, “Safe and khush? Aur aap? Abhi bhi baap?"

Ishq FM joined in with a tweet, “What’s up guys? Doing the ishq without us o what?"

“Don’t be envious @IshqFM we are all in this together, we are one world!" Radio One replied.

“Hey, hey, Ishq Ka Fever, Mirchi bhi aur One bhi? Nasha toh hona hi hain," Radio Nasha wrote.

Earlier, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting directed all radio channels to give adequate publicity to the travel advisory and health directives issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in the wake of COVID-19.

“Electronic media has always been at the forefront of carrying such messages as it is a powerful tool to reach out to people across the country. In order to make this effort successful, it has been felt that the support, assistance and contribution of private TV channels and FM radio channels will be of immense use," the ministry said in a statement.