| 30 May 2023
Battle of the Sexes' host RJ Sarthak teams up with 'That Boho Girl' for a special episode

MUMBAI: 104.8 Ishq decided to add some spice to Rakhi this season with a special episode of the Battle of the Sexes with Sarthak – the ‘Battle of the Siblings

Sarthak hosted one of the most influential fashionistas on social media - That Boho Girl (@thatbohogirl) aka Kritika Khurana, along with her siblings to play the Battle of the Siblings.

The iconic Battle of the Sexes hosted by RJ Sarthak brings out the nuances of a relationship and provides wholesome entertainment to anybody who plays it or watches the show.

Kritika along and her younger sister Deeksha Khurana, who is also a fashion and travel influencer, took on their older brother Lakshay Khurana – a social media novice in comparison, in this special episode. Unboxing memories and remembering stories from their younger days, the episode showed the solidarity of the relationship between the siblings. They shared nearly everything from the times they fought with each other to always have each other’s backs.

Talking about their school days, Deeksha and Kritika recalled and joked about - their ‘over-protective brother’. They told Sarthak how Lakshay would threaten all the boys who would speak to his sisters. What was evident from the show was that the Khurana siblings share a great bond with each other  – this goes to show to that even in today’s day and age, no matter how popular or not one is and despite their differing social media clout – nothing can come in the way of sibling love.