| 03 Dec 2022
RED FM's 'South Side Story' takes Delhi, Mumbai on cultural ride to South India

MUMBAI: RED FM is pumping up for its new IP, South Side Story. This festival will feature the music, culture and food from Kerala in an extremely contemporary style, while maintaining the authenticity in all possible ways. They have successfully roped in two of the best leading regional Indie bands, Agam and Thaikuddam Bridge. The festival will be exhibiting the essence of Carnatic progressive rock, electric music and pop, merged with Onam delicacies and other specialists from Kerala.

Creating a very wholesome experience of the southern country, the delicacies for the fest is curated by Mahabelly in Delhi and South High in Mumbai.

Listed below are the important details of the event:

What:RED FM’s South Side Storywith Thaikkudam Bridge and Agam 

Where: Mumbai: 1 September 2019; Richardson and Cruddas

Delhi: 7 September, 2019; Zorba

When: 1 p.m. onwards