| 23 Sep 2021
Badshah's sassy attitude on RED FMs 'Indie Hai Hum' grabs eyeballs

MUMBAI: Indie Hai Hum, a RED FM initiative, is a big shout out to all Indie musicians out there. Launched under the umbrella of RED Indies, a RED FM property, the show hosted by Darshan Raval, aired their first episode on RED FMs YouTube channel on 26 July.

The first Indie hero to kick start the show was our very own rap king Badshah who sang his heart out, giving some interesting titbits about himself.

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Badshah shared on his workout regimes, his perspective of music, “Indie music scene is really beautiful. Till the 90s, we had a beautiful music scene, then it faded away and it’s revived now. While working on the song only studio mein ek idea mil jaata hai and you have heard a certain kind of music while growing up. You get an idea on what kind of music needs to be generated.”

Darshan asked Badshah, “Is there any funny story behind any song that you would like to share? On this, he shared, “I was at a wedding and there was an aunty who went up to the DJ saying, ‘DJ wale babu mera gaana baja do’.”

This iconic line inspired Badshah and he went onto doing a song on this.

He further spoke on his dressing styles, sang some of his current tracks like Paagal Hai, DJ Waley Babu.

The episode did also include some jamming sessions, Darshan Raval answering some of his fan questions by spilling out beans on some of the biggest moments from his concerts and much more.

Towards the end, there was a sufi rock band called Valai who gave a startling performance and the theme came out to be even more clear on what truly Indie Hai Hum stands for.

Meanwhile, Badshah recently came in spotlight for his song, Paagal, which became a record breaker Indian song that even broke record made by Korean band, BTS.