| 20 Apr 2024
Back story behind Red FM supporting hair donation for people battling cancer

MUMBAI: Popular radio station, RED FM is supporting the noble initiative of donating hair for cancer patients with RJ Praveen and RJ Thiya. In an unprecedented act of kindness, when Titir, a seven-year-old girl from Raiganj donated her hair to a cancer patient, RJ Praveen was moved by this little girl’s daring move. He instantly featured her on his Morning No.1 Show and spread the word about this brave young child through Facebook live, which went viral. Consequently, Red FM’s RJ Thiya couldn’t hold herself back from following her. Inspired by this selfless act, RJ Thiya not only donated her hair but also went to meet little Titir at her hometown Raiganj along with RJ Praveen.

RED FM and Magic FM COO and director Nisha Narayanan stated, “Titir’s unparalleled bravery is extremely significant in our times when people are forgetting how to be kind to each other. When a little child shows the way, we are bound to stand up for the right cause. By supporting Titir, RJ Thiya has attested to the fact that no act is trivial especially when it comes to standing up for humanity.”

Commenting on this spirited act, RJ Praveen states, “With this incredibly courageous step, little Titir has shown the way for everyone to be more kind and loving towards cancer patients and survivors. She has made it a point to highlight that age or time can never be a barrier if anyone decides to stand up for a cause. She has set an example for each one of us. She will definitely grow up to set more such fantastic examples for sure.”

 RJ Thiya who gladly took up the daring step to donate her hair as well, says, “We all say that hair is our crowning glory but we don’t understand how much we take it for granted while so many cancer patients regularly go through this agony of losing hair. It is beyond my imagination that a young child like Titir can understand that pain and come forward to donate her own hair. So, I had to follow her.”

Interestingly, RJ Praveen and RJ Thiya have documented their meeting with little Titir in an endearing video. Within 24 hours, this video reached one million people and received more than 15k likes along with hundreds of comments. Such overwhelming response shows how people have wholeheartedly welcomed it. 93.5 Red FM hopes that with Titir and RJ Thiya’s support more people can come forward to donate to such causes. Currently, a number of non-profit organizations provide customized hair wigs and care kit with donated hair. Each one of us can step a take forward and donate towards this cause for a better society.